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Denon Home 350: Unleash Your Inner Chef with the Perfect Soundtrack
Date Posted: 28 December 2020


With the Denon Home 350 unleashing your Inner chef with the perfect soundtrack is now just a tap away with the Quick Select buttons. With more and more people now cooking from home and spending extra time in their kitchen as they prepare their meals, it's important to ensure that you have the right soundtrack to set the scene and get creative with your dish. Whether it's the swaying grooves of the Buena Vista Social Club or the soothing voice of Louis Theroux in his latest podcast, we've got you covered. Discover the possibilities of the ground-breaking, stylish Denon Home 350. The showpiece of any room: the Denon Home 350 A stylish eye-catcher with superior sound:

Denon Home 250: Great Sound for The Whole Family
Date Posted: 21 December 2020


Introducing the family friendly Denon Home 250 The Denon Home 250 fills any room you want with the full, bombastic and balanced sound you've come to expect from us. Moreover, with its sleek design and futuristic touch pad, it is a stylish addition to your interior. The Denon Home 250 is the middle model from the impressive Denon Home Series, where ease of use and exceptional sound are paramount. That’s why all these speakers are wireless and easy to install via the HEOS app on your phone, and will fill your room with beautiful sound. Your favourite music at your fingertips...

Denon and Sonos

Denon Home 150: Small Size, Big Sound, Easy To Use
Date Posted: 14 December 2020


Perfect for smaller rooms, the Denon Home 150 can help kickstart your day or get you in the mood to party with your favourite music at your fingertips. With its ease of use, anyone in the family can enjoy this speaker with the tap of a button. Meet the Denon Home 150 The Denon Home 150 is a compact, wireless speaker from the Denon Home Series. Available In stylish white and classic black, the Denon Home 150 blends seamlessly in any décor. The dirt and water repellent design Is perfect for any room in the house, or for keeping your kids happy with their favourite tune...


Sonos the New Era
Date Posted: 23 June 2020


A few months ago we posted an article about some “dramatic” changes happening with Sonos . At the time there was a lot of unknowns with regards to how Sonos would proceed with their “Legacy” products and their relationship to new Sonos products and the new software. This month we have received some clarity; for clients and users the clarity initially came in the form of an app change and an update indicator (this is a staggered roll out so if you haven’t seen it yet don’t panic), though after the adjustment to a new colour scheme …

Soundcast, Dolby Atmos and Sonos

SoundCast Portable Speakers
Date Posted: 12 May 2020


For a long time whenever anyone asked me about portable speakers my go to was always Bose, more specifically the Bose Soundlink Mini. Why? It was a handy size, with relatively good sound, at a reasonable price. But then the Soundlink Mini was discontinued, and replaced with the Soundlink Revolve and the Revolve +, whilst these two are great sounding speakers, they have never managed to grab me the way the Soundlink Mini did. So I was out in the wilderness when it came to portable speakers, then along came SoundCast . SoundCast focus solely on Bluetooth products, including portable speakers and...


Dolby Atmos: Why and How
Date Posted: 14 February 2020


A few years ago we posted an article about Dolby Atmos . This was a brief introduction, and an invitation for everyone to come down and experience it for yourselves. Many people came in and had a listen and during the intervening years many people purchased or setup a Dolby Atmos system with our assistance. But there are still a lot of questions from people about what Dolby Atmos is and why they aren’t getting a Dolby Atmos signal on their system...


What's Going on with my Sonos System?
Date Posted: 4 February 2020


Around the 22nd of January Sonos users started receiving an email titled, “Your System Requires Attention” which was followed by the comforting tag line, “End of Software Updates”. This email, in my case, then went on to list a large number of devices, which are part of my Sonos system, which will be classified as “Legacy” at some stage in May, no actual date was supplied. ...


Yamaha Turntables
Author: Staff Date Posted: 26 June 2019


Until recently Yamaha had never imported their turntables in to Australia. That all changed late last year when Yamaha announced they would be bringing three new record players to the market. To date only two of these three have reached our shores with the GT-5000 still in the “coming soon” phase. This beast, which hales back to Yamaha’s “Gigantic and Tremendous...


The Rise and Rise of Virtual Assistants

Recently we have seen the incredible rise (read as “marketing push”) of Virtual Assistants. What started with Siri on the Apple iPhone 4S has grown exponentially. Not only in the number of assistants but also in their abilities. Just focusing on the major players there is: The previously mentioned Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, Google have The Google Assistant (they allegedly didn’t want to “humanise” the assistant by giving it a name); Microsoft keep …

HDMI and Computer Networking

HDMI: What Are You Paying For?

One of the most common questions we get asked is: Why would I pay so much for HDMI Cables? “I’ve seen them at *insert store name*, or online for under $20.” There is an easy answer to this question: Capability. The cheaper cables are just not capable of doing what the more expensive cables can. This then leads the inquiring mind to: what are...


Computer Networking When You Can't Install Cables

Over the last decade we have seen a steady increase in the amount of network-able electronic devices. Pretty much anything that uses power these days can be connected to the internet. This connected state is great, if you had (have) the opportunity and foresight to network cables throughout your house. But what do you do when you didn’t get the chance, and it is now virtually impossible to pull cables through? This is where most people would say: “Use Wi-Fi, that’s what it’s for!” However, as good as Wi-Fi is (and they are constantly trying to improve it...



Pro-Ject Vertical Turntable


For a little while now we have been seeing pictures of, and reading reports about, Vertical Turntables. Our initial thoughts were “looks cool but it is just a gimmick”, but they kept coming. Then we heard a rumour that Pro-Ject were about to release one. These rumours have finally borne fruit and the Pro-Ject vertical turntable is now instore. This new turntable is called the…


How Turntables Work

A little while ago I posted an article about "How Speakers Work" within which I linked to a page on the website, which did a much better job of showing how speakers work then I ever could. Now Mr O'Neal (the gentleman behind the website) has put together another one of his a...

QC35’S and TViQ

Bose Wireless QC35's


Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling headphones have been a must-have for most weary travellers for decades now. So much so that even non-travellers have generally heard of them. However, the latest incarnation may just bring the QC’s out of the travellers hands and on to the heads of everyone. No longer to be used when getting on a plane, but to be used daily. ...


Thor TViQ

A few months ago we published an article on Surge Protection Power Boards , with a focus on the Australian designed Thor Technologies products. Just recently Thor have brought to market a product that joins the previously written about A12 and ...

Yamaha and Dolby

Yamaha Aventage Series 7

Yamaha Aventage Series 7 The latest series of the Yamaha Aventage range has finally been fully released. In a slight change from previous years, Yamaha staggered the release of this year’s models over two months, as opposed to every model being released on the same day. After Aventage VI we were unsure as to what Yamaha could do to step these products up in an effort to warrant a new range. In typical fashion Yamaha had a few tricks up their sleeves. Trick One: Object Based Audio T...


Dolby Atmos

We have been making a lot of noise lately about a new sound option called Dolby Atmos, and this has left more than a few people asking “what is it”. Most people will have heard of Dolby as they have been synonymous with good movie audio for decades. Letting people know of their existence with their quick intros at the start of most movies (the steam train is still my favourite). Whilst they do a lot of research and development in many areas (including video and music reproduction); cinematic sound is what the general public know Dolby for. In line with this comes their latest release: Dolby Atmos ...


Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

Date Posted: 5 September 2015

In March we received the new range of Sennheiser Wireless Headphones. We said back then that we would get a review of them posted shortly. Well, 6 months is a short time in the grand scheme of things …

Grey is the New White

Date Posted: 3 June 2014


Those of you that have liked our Facebook page may have seen a couple of pic’s showing the wonder that is the High Contrast Grey projection Screen material. Whilst this material has been available for a little while now (about 12 months). We hadn’t had the privilege of seeing it in action until recently. Our thoughts… stunning. I for one didn’t think that a simple colour change would make a difference; well not one for the better anyway; but I was wrong. Very, very wrong. The re...

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