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Date Posted:15 May 2014 

URC controling the world. a brief article on universal remotes

Over the past few years there have been some major changes in the world of universal remotes.

The most notable of these changes was the demise of the Philips Pronto brand.  At one point in time the Pronto range of universal remotes were classed as the best in the world.  However Philips closing this arm of their company has allowed other brands that have been around for a long time to flourish, and branch out into new control technologies (Wi-Fi, tablets and phones).


The Logitech Harmony range of universal remotes have a strong presence as a simple one room control.  Their simplicity make them perfect for small jobs with only a few devices, a bedroom with only a TV, Blu-Ray player and Foxtel, for example.

When the job is bigger and a little more complex, a step up in remotes is required.  This is where the URC remotes come into the picture.

URC have two ranges in their control systems.  The first is "Complete Control".  Complete Control is a sturdy highly programmable system with a range of remote options, Wall mounted, traditional wand style, or iOS/Android software for use with phones and tablets.  These systems can then control your equipment with a combination of IR, Radio Frequency and Wi-Fi signals, when set up in conjunction with URC receivers.

The second range of control systems from URC is "Total Control".  Total Control is the perfect system for controlling the whole house.  With Total Control the user has the ability to control multiple areas within the home via multiple remotes.


These remotes can be any combination of Wall mounted (perfect for kitchen or high traffic areas where a traditional remote will easily be misplaced). Traditional wand style, the type users have come to know and love, (ideal for the standard areas, living rooms, family areas and bedrooms).

Total control also allows for an iOS and Android based control, allowing your phones and tablets to control the entertainment systems in your house as well.

Couple these control options with the right URC Total Control receivers and the proper programming and you can have seamless operation anywhere on the property.


For a more detailed look at what URC can do, or for a specific design for your situation, come into the shop, sit down with one of our representatives and we will find you a solution.

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