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A few months ago we published an article on Surge Protection Power Boards, with a focus on the Australian designed Thor Technologies products.


Just recently Thor have brought to market a product that joins the previously written about A12 and D1 boards, but it functions a little differently.


The TViQ is part of the Thor Smart Series range.  Being part of this series means that it is a surge protection unit as well as being a power filtration system.

These new units still come with a six year warranty and Thor’s “Connected Equipment Warranty” valued up to $500,000.  This system is starting to tick all the previously discussed boxes.

So how does it stack up in the all-important specifications department?

  • Clamping Voltage: 275v; Same as the A12
  • Reaction Time: <1 Nano Second; also the same as the A12

OK, so at this stage: What’s the point?

Well, if we remember that the joules rating on a surge board equates to how much/how many surges it can handle and once this number is reached (or the “sponge” is full) the board stops protecting (Thor boards stop passing all power to ensure your equipment is protected).

The size of the “sponge” in the premium A12 board is 6080 Joules.  The TViQ can handle 23000 Joules.  So instantly 3 times as much.  However it doesn’t stop there.


As mentioned, when the A12 reaches the 6080 Joules level, it is used up and can protect your equipment any longer.  The TViQ on the other hand has patented “SC Regen Technology”.  This means that shortly after absorbing a spike the TViQ will be back to its 23000 joules capacity and ready to take the next hit.


This is where all comparisons to the A12 must stop.  Because the physical side of the TViQ is completely different.  Where the A12 and D1 units are a traditional board that you plug your devices into.  The TViQ is an inline unit.


This means it has been designed to replace your equipment’s power cable.  The power lead to your TV, Computer or Projector for example.  With this in mind Thor have designed the TViQ to be as slim as possible so it could fit unobtrusively behind a wall mounted TV or fit comfortably in a carry bag for a laptop.

There are two versions of the TViQ.  The TViQ2, which is a 2 pin (Figure 8) configuration, and the TViQ3 which is an IEC and 3 Pin (Clover Leaf) configuration.



Priced at just $299 the TViQ is great peace of mind for the wall mounted TV in the bedroom or for the traveling sales person who isn’t sure of the power quality when on the road.


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