How Speakers Work

Date Posted:19 January 2015 

Mid-Range Driver


For a while I’ve been trying to write something that answers the question: How do speakers work?

The reason is we get asked this question, or variant of it on a regular basis.

However every time I have tried to write it I either get bogged down in one aspect (because there are a lot of them), or it becomes too technical and would put an insomniac to sleep.

Exploded Driver Diagram


Then through the wonders of the internet I discovered this wonderful animated graphic at  Through this graphic the author (Jacob O’Neal) describes the “how’s and why for’s” of speakers.  This is done in a manner that is neither dull nor boring and a lot better than any of my previous attempts.

So I advise anyone that is interested to have a look, (due warning it is possible to get completely side-tracked by the site as it has some very interesting articles).

If you still have any questions on speakers, we don’t know much about Tarantula’s (but we did learn a lot from the slightly creepy graphic), feel free to get in contact and ask.

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