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Author: Staff   Date Posted:26 June 2019 

A quick look at Yamaha's new stable of Turntables

Until recently Yamaha had never imported their turntables in to Australia.  That all changed late last year when Yamaha announced they would be bringing three new record players to the market.


To date only two of these three have reached our shores with the GT-5000 still in the “coming soon” phase.  This beast, which hales back to Yamaha’s “Gigantic and Tremendous” (GT) series turntables, features:


  • a 5kg Aluminium platter
  • 223mm straight tone arm
  • Balanced XLR and Unbalanced RCA Analogue outputs

is sure to garner a lot of attention when it does arrive.


Those reading, that are good at math will be thinking that we now have two turntables to discuss.  However, we don’t, we only have one, and my reasoning behind this is simple.

When put side by side the TT-S303 and the MusicCast Vinyl 500 stack up like this:

  • Same Drive Method: Belt
  • Same DC Motor
  • Same Speeds 33  and 45 RPM
  • Same 30cm Die Cast Aluminium Platter
  • Same tonearm: 223.5cm Straight
  • Same Audio Technica cartridge
  • Same Physical Size: 450 x 136 x 368 mm (W x H x D)

So, with all this being identical, what makes them different? Why have two models?

The clue to these questions is in the model numbers.  More specifically in one Model Number: MusicCast Vinyl 500.

This turntable is part of Yamaha’s MusicCast Eco-System.  This means it can be connected to your computer network (wired or wireless).  Giving it most of the same features as any other MusicCast device:

  • Internet Radio
  • Music Streaming
    • Spotify
    • Deezer
    • Tidal
  • Bluetooth In

Now you may be asking: Why? Why does a turntable need to be a streamer? Networkable? And all the other bells and whistles the Vinyl 500 does.

This answer is simple, if you have an older system that doesn’t have any of these features and you want them, but can’t bear to part with your existing amp, the MusicCast Vinyl 500 is a beautiful way to add them, while also getting a record player, and not having to add multiple “boxes”.

This leads us to the Vinyl 500’s party trick: What do you do, if you want to play records, but there is no room in or around your AV cabinet?

When the MusicCast Vinyl 500 is attached to your computer network it presents in the MusicCast app as just another zone. This coupled with the built in phono stage, allows to you start a record playing (without connecting the 500 to anything other than power and your computer network), then link the room(s) you want it to play in.  Exactly the same as you would if you wanted to link for music from a cd player, or any audio from any other device.  In a couple of steps you have “wireless” vinyl sound throughout your house with thanks to Yamaha, and the MusicCast 500.


All of this leads back to why have two models, put simply, if you already have an amp capable of streaming, or a streamer attached to your existing amp, (or you have no interest in any of those features) then the MusicCast Vinyl 500 maybe a little redundant.  So you buy the TT-S303 and get yourself a beautiful turntable, and away you go happily listening to your records. If you are interested in the bells and whistles, or can’t put the Turntable near your existing equipment then the Vinyl 500 is for you.

The final breakdown is this, not matter what you are looking for in a turntable Yamaha (will soon) have a deck to suit you.

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