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Date Posted:12 May 2020 

For a long time whenever anyone asked me about portable speakers my go to was always Bose, more specifically the Bose Soundlink Mini.  Why?  It was a handy size, with relatively good sound, at a reasonable price.  But then the Soundlink Mini was discontinued, and replaced with the Soundlink Revolve and the Revolve +, whilst these two are great sounding speakers, they have never managed to grab me the way the Soundlink Mini did.  So I was out in the wilderness when it came to portable speakers, then along came SoundCast.

SoundCast focus solely on Bluetooth products, including portable speakers and a Bluetooth transmission device.  However our focus here is their portable speakers, which are “built to go anywhere and handle anything that life throws at them”.


SoundCast have four main speakers, VG1, VG3, VG5, and the VG7, all are battery powered, with Bluetooth and AUX connectors.  But most important for this style of rugged go anywhere portable speaker, all of them are IP Rated.

IP Rating, which is short for Ingress Protection, is a rating that denotes the degree of protection a case or electrical enclosure has in preventing intrusion from dust, accidental contact and water.  There are two numbers to this IP Rating, the first defines “Solid particle protection”, meaning dust and contact.  The second number represents the level of protection the enclosure provides against harmful ingress of water.

All of the SoundCast portable speakers have an IP Rating of 64 or 67 which means:






No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust-tight).  A vacuum must be applied.  Test duration of up to 8hours based on airflow.



Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect



Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 meter (3ft 3in) of submersion).

Click this link for more information on IP Ratings



The Soundcast VG1 is the closest to the Bose Soundlink Mini, both in physical form and features.  The VG1 is about 1cm shorter in width then the SL Mini, but stands about 2cm taller, their depth is so close it doesn’t bare mentioning.  The Soundlink Mini had a Playtime between 7 hours and 12 hours depending on where you look (7 hours on the website 12 in the user manual), the VG1 has a playtime of up to 15hours (depending on volume setting).  The VG1 features an IP 67 rating, which as explained above means, the unit can be splashed, rained on, dropped in a puddle with no ill effects.  It could be dropped in a pool, (accidentally of course) and survive as long as it is retrieved quickly.

The VG3 stands upright, compared to the VG1 (and Bose Soundlink Mini) which lays flat.  The VG3 is 22.5cm tall and has a playtime of up to 21hrs.  The VG3 is IP 64 rated, meaning it is splash proof, but you don’t want to drop this one in the pool.  The SoundCast VG3 features a 3” downward firing woofer so you instantly get better bass than most other small portable speakers.  This woofer is complemented by two 1.5” full range drivers in a 360o array, supplying great sound wherever you are.

The VG5 is where we take a significant step, up.  Standing 43.5cm tall the SoundCast VG5 is a big portable speaker that weighs 5.7 kg.  With this size increase you also get a 6” woofer and two 3” full range drivers.  This extra bass does drop the playtime down to between 10 and 15 hours, but it still carries the ip64 rating so it is safe for intermittent splashes and a quick shower of rain.

The last of the SoundCast speakers is the VG7.  Hidden in this 48.5 cm tall (9.5kg) portable speaker is one 7” woofer and four 3” full-range drivers, ensuring that everyone gets to hear and enjoy your music.  The standard VG7 has a playtime of up to 20 hours.  The reason I say standard is, there is also a VG7SE.  The SE upgrade gets you a bigger D-Class amp (VG7 = 60w, VG7SE = 120w), double the play time, up to 40 hours instead of 20, and the party piece: “mood lighting with selectable colour and brightness”, so you can use it as a lamp as well as a speaker.

I mentioned earlier that all the SoundCast speakers are battery powered and feature a large receiving range for a Bluetooth device.  Another common feature for all SoundCast speakers is True Wireless Stereo (TWS).  True Wireless Stereo is a function that allows you to connect two of the same model SoundCast speakers to a single source as a wireless Left and Right pair, thus improving the audio quality again. 

Side Note: They don’t have to be the same model speaker, any two SoundCast speakers can be linked using the True Wireless Stereo feature; but it does sound weird when you link a VG7 with a VG3, or so I assume, because no one would link two vastly different sized speakers together, would they?

All in all the SoundCast portable speaker range is full of options in size and sound quality, with each of the speakers being feature packed, with long battery life.  We have them setup and on display so drop into the store for a look, or get in contact via the usual methods if you have any questions.


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