Grey is the New White

Date Posted:3 June 2014 

Those of you that have liked our Facebook page may have seen a couple of pic’s showing the wonder that is the High Contrast Grey projection Screen material.

Shane (Screen Technics) Demonstrates the Grey material

Whilst this material has been available for a little while now (about 12 months).  We hadn’t had the privilege of seeing it in action until recently.  Our thoughts… stunning.  I for one didn’t think that a simple colour change would make a difference; well not one for the better anyway; but I was wrong.  Very, very wrong.


The reason this material has such a profane effect here in the shop (and in your home) is due to Lambertian Reflectance.  This means that the apparent brightness of the material (projection screen) is the same regardless of the viewing angle.  So basically, it doesn’t matter if you are sitting over next to the wall, or directly under the projector the perceived brightness will be identical.

Contrast Shift Graphic

The grey also shifts the Contrast band towards the darker scale.  This improves the black levels and overall colour saturation.  However in doing this there is a loss of some brightness. 


These attributes make the Grey perfect for areas where you don’t have full control of ambient light, like most lounge and living rooms (and our display theatre).


We have a couple of samples of this Grey material so we can show you the difference it makes even against the top of the line Matrix White that we have in our big theatre room.




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